Being a mom seems to come with the need for a lot of lectures. I mean, I’m responsible for creating a fully functioning (and hopefully successfully contributing) member of society. And call me crazy, but I’d like her to be a decent, responsible member of said society.
So, I spend a lot of time explaining how things work, how to behave, etc. For example, the other day I had to explain what “blackmailing” is and why we don’t do that to our friends (or anyone, really, if we want to stay out of jail). I also explained that we can’t be blackmailed if we don’t do things we shouldn’t and then lie about it. Sigh. So many lessons, so little time.
That said, she’s a great kid. I just like to get ahead of potentially damaging future behavior.
But lectures aren’t always a mom thing. And sometimes, we even volunteer to listen to them.
In fact, right now, you can elect to get lectured a lot…and for a great price.