Publisher's Note

Publisher’s Note: Diving into Fall Reading

We have two fantastic new releases coming up from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and they’re both available on preorder in ebook. So, if you want to start planning your fall reading (once you finish all those awesome books in the Light in the Dark YA Storybundle I told you about last week, of course), here’s what you need to know.
First up is the latest novel in Kris’ Diving series, The Runabout. If you missed it in Asimov’s (the first full novel ever printed by that magazine, btw), or you just want a standalone copy, you’ll want to reserve your copy today.

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Publisher’s Note: A Light in the Dark

I love young adult fiction. And I’m not the only far-from-young adult who does.
I was born during what was considered at the time the golden age of young adult fiction. By the time the genre’s popularity began to flag in 1990s, I was busy getting a degree in English Literature, so I was immersed in Shakespeare and other works not often considered YA (although, um, hello, Romeo & Juliet…). And I was not far out of actual young adulthood before Harry Potter revitalized YA fiction and sent its popularity into the stratosphere.
Even before I had my daughter, I continued to read YA. Of course, when my I was reading to a baby and toddler every day, my fiction repertoire shifted significantly younger, and I discovered a renewed love of children’s fiction, as well.

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Publisher’s Note: A Global View

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is its international nature. Not only do we publish books around the globe, but I have the privilege of working with authors from around the globe, as well.
I’m a firm believer that one cannot truly mature as a member of society without exposure to other cultures. There are many ways to do this, of course. But without that expansion, the human experience is rather limited imho.
I’ve had the good fortune to live abroad for a time and work in international settings in several of my jobs. And I’ve lived a good deal of my life in places with a diverse mix of cultures. I much prefer it that way.
So, when we were coming up with stretch goals for our most recent Fiction River subscription drive on Kickstarter, a volume called Writers Without Borders topped my list.
We set a series of stretch goals—a wish list of sorts for things we’d love to do if we made that much more money—during that campaign, and we blew through all of them.
Thus, Fiction River Presents: Writers Without Borders came to life.

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Publisher’s Note: Much Ado About Nothing

Well, the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 came and went, and it was a great disappointment in these parts…but not in the way you think.
The eclipse itself was spectacular. I mean, truly amazing. If you’ve never seen totality, you really must add that to your bucket list. I now understand why people chase these things. I really don’t have the words to describe it properly.
But the Apoceclipse that everyone (and I do mean everyone) predicted for Lincoln City…well, the opposite happened. Its own apocalypse, in a way, for local businesses.
As late as Wednesday, predictions for up to 100,000 people flocking to Lincoln City were alive and well. The police closed crosswalks and streets in preparation for the impending gridlock. Portable toilets were lined up in public spaces. Stores stocked shelves and announced they’d be open 24 hours over the weekend. Locals stocked up on food and water like we were preparing for a major winter storm. Here at WMG, we adjusted work schedules to accommodate the influx of people and the predicted lack of services, especially internet.
Then, on Thursday, things started to get weird.

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Publisher’s Note: Prepping for the Apoceclipse

I’m posting this blog early because of the impeding Apoceclipse, as we’re calling it here on the Central Oregon Coast.
No, we don’t think the world will end because of a total solar eclipse. (Although if you want to read an interesting article about eclipse superstitions, go to But we are preparing for this eclipse as if it were a natural disaster.
Why? Because the small coastal town in which WMG calls home is directly in the path of complete totality for the Great American Eclipse. Our permanent resident population is about 8,700 people. And although we are a tourist town, which swells our population greatly during peak season (aka summer), the number of people estimated to descend on Lincoln City for the eclipse is in the tens of thousands. Traffic is expected to come to a complete halt, making travel by foot the only option.
We are preparing for power outages, water shortages, food shortages, gas shortages…you name it.
And we’re pretty well guaranteed to have no internet or phone service for a couple of days at least.

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Publisher’s Note: What to Read When You’re In-Between

For those of us living on a school-based calendar, we’ve just entered the “in-between” time between the “lazy” days of summer and back-to-school. (I put lazy in quotes because I’m not sure parents really get a break during summer…we just have different obligations.)
Here on the Oregon Coast, the “in-between” time is usually counting the days until we can get through town at a decent clip or grab milk from the grocery store in under fifteen minutes. But that’s a different story.
There are lots of in-betweens in this world. And fiction offers a whole lot more possibilities—in this world and in many others.
So, as we ride through this in-between time, I thought it was apropos to tell you about the latest Storybundle we’re participating in.

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Publisher’s Note: Living in a Fantasy World

I’m living in a fantasy world this week. One, because I’m busy designing branded fantasy series covers as part of a WMG online workshop (more on that in the next couple of weeks). Two, because of the Uncollected Anthology.

For those of you unfamiliar with this project, let me be clear about something: WMG doesn’t publish the Uncollected Anthology as a whole (although we do, of course, publish Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s standalone stories contained within it). It’s a collaboration of multiple authors and publishers. It’s a very cool and innovative project, in fact.

Published quarterly, the core authors and one guest author write fantasy stories around a central theme. Each author or publisher puts the stories up independently but with links to the other stories in the volume. Readers can buy one or more stories in the volume. Finally, all of the stories are collected Uncollected, which makes buying ALL the stories super easy.

The most recent volume is Mystical Melodies, which contains Kris’ newest Abracadabra Incorporated story “At the Crossroads.”

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Publisher’s Note: A Deal to Get Your Heart Pumping

I’ve got some thrilling news to tell you about. Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline releases today. And even better, it’s part of a Storybundle, too.

The incomparable Kevin J. Anderson edited this volume of Fiction River, and like the first volume he did, Pulse Pounders, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here’s the synopsis:

Adrenaline. Ranging from straight thriller to science fiction and fantasy to mainstream crime, these fifteen stories promise to make your pulse pound. Join an ex-president as he tries to escape the mother of all assassination attempts, a heroine on a mission straight from Hell, and a story of war so powerful it will burn into the memory. Strap in and find out why Adventures Fantastic says Fiction River “is one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today.”

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Publisher’s Note: Books to Binge On

It’s summer, and from what I hear from many of my friends outside the Oregon coast, it’s been a hot one.
I remember hot summers. Probably the hottest was the summer I spent in Madrid, Spain, with my father, sister, and best friend. It was 1992, the summer of the World’s Fair in Sevilla and the Summer Olympics in Barcelona. We traveled a lot that summer, but my strongest memory is of passing out on the escalator in a metro station in Madrid. I’ve never handled extreme heat well, and it was 110 degrees that day. The metro wasn’t much cooler, even though it was underground, and it had no air conditioning. Needless to say, our plans for the day were derailed by my fainting. Although, thanks to one aggressive Spanish taxi driver, our adventures were far from over. But that’s another story.

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Publisher’s Note: Second Chances

So, I lied. Sort of.
Remember back in May when we announced the one-time cover branding workshop I agreed to teach with Dean Wesley Smith? Well, it turns out that I had quite a bit of fun doing it. So, I told Dean I might consider doing another one if he did, too.
Thus, the one-time Branding Fantasy Covers Workshop was created.
You can read all about it on Dean’s blog (here), but like the last workshop I did, this one will fill up very quickly and then go away. I simply don’t have time to do many of these, much as I enjoy them. So, don’t wait.

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