Publisher's Note

Publisher’s Note: A Much-Needed Escape

Ever feel like you need to escape from reality for a while? A day, a week, four years—whatever it takes. It seems like many of us feel that way right now, so what better time for some escapist fiction?
Hence, the new Escapist Bundle I’ve curated for Storybundle (my first as curator, by the way), an entertaining vacation of the written word and a bit of a new format for Storybundle.
You see, the eleven fantastic books in this bundle come from authors tied together by, among other accolades, their inclusion in a single volume of Fiction River, in this case a volume called Recycled Pulp.

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Publisher’s Note: The Joy of Un-Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been much of a romantic. I’m not sure why. I appreciate romance. My favorite movies tend to be rom-coms. I like flowers and chocolates and hearts.
But I think deep down I’m too practical for big romantic gestures. I love all the details that go into a big, fancy wedding, but I’d never pay for one myself.
And flowers on Valentine’s Day? No way. Too expensive. Pick me some wild ones or grab an inexpensive bouquet of in-season flowers on any old day for no particular reason at all. But not on Valentine’s Day. That’s just silly.
Thankfully, the wonderful man in my life who loves me more than anything feels the same way.

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Publisher’s Note: A Shining Star of a Series

I’ve been spending a lot of time in a distant galaxy lately, which is cool because I’ve always wanted to travel in space.
It’s even cooler, because it was created by the incomparable mind of Dean Wesley Smith. Fortunately, given my busy schedule, I didn’t have to leave my desk to get there.
You see, sometimes, months or years after we’ve released books in a series, we need to go back and tie them together in a way we couldn’t have before they were written. We don’t always know—because the author doesn’t always know, especially when he or she writes into the dark—that we’re publishing a trilogy, for example. Heck, sometimes we don’t even know it’s a series until later.
And sometimes, we’re just waiting to see where it goes.

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Publisher’s Note: I’ll Be at the Bar

The past week or so have been very long, and, frankly, I need a drink.

Back in my journalism days, I used to joke during weeks like this that I missed the good old days when an editor would keep a bottle in his desk. Given my use of pronoun, you can tell just how far back that went.

Of course, they’d smoke at their desks then, too, and I certainly don’t want to bring that back.

So, no bottle in my desk. But fortunately, I have even better options as a book publisher.

And sometimes, they come made to order.

Take our latest Fiction River release, for example: Tavern Tales.

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Publisher’s Note: Making Magical Memories

I’ve just finished binge watching season two of one of my daughter’s favorite TV series, an Amazon Original Series called Just Add Magic.
The series tells the story of three middle school friends who found themselves protectors of a magical cookbook. Each season revolves around a mystery that must be magically solved, but the series is as much about friendship, family and growing up as it is magic.
It’s family viewing in my house. Very much an extrovert, Nola is always looking for shows we can all watch together. But I’ll admit, it’s getting harder as she grows older.

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Publisher’s Note: Well, Rats!

As the person at the helm of an international publishing company, I wear many hats. And sometimes, the job requires me to wear a hat I didn’t expect.

This week proved one of those weeks.

And it was a hat I hadn’t anticipated wearing.

You see, we discovered we had a pack rat (pack rats?!?) at our main headquarters. Now, those of you who know that we not only publish books but also operate two collectables stores might be thinking I’m talking about Dean and his many collectables.

But no, not Dean—he’s a collector, not a pack rat. (And not me as my entertaining boyfriend suggested…he’s a smartass that one.)

Not human. Rodent.

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Publisher’s Note: Writing about Nothing

For those of you who read this blog every week, I feel the need to be honest with you: This week’s blog was the most challenging I’ve had. For some reason, no topic seemed right, and the words just wouldn’t flow like they normally do. I started and rejected two...

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Publisher’s Note: Racing into 2017

We made it. 2017. I don’t know about you, but I was a bit worried there at the end that we’d make it out alive.
I’m kidding. Mostly.
But the end of the tumultuous 2016 proved an apropos time to release our latest Fiction River Presents volume: Racing the Clock.
This volume is full of my favorite thrilling short stories from our first years of Fiction River.

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New Year, New Motivations

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over. The presents have been exchanged, unwrapped, played with. Now, it’s just a waiting game until the New Year begins, full of hope and promise.
Lord help us, let 2017 be filled with hope and promise.
For me, 2016 was very much a transition year. Many necessary life changes (some wonderful, some devastating, some just plain overwhelming) have left me exhausted but strangely ready to start anew. So, for the first time in a long time, I have made resolutions.

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Publisher’s Note: Presents, Presents Everywhere

I’m sitting in my living room as I write this (a departure from my normal office space) because my daughter was the emcee of her winter concert today and I was simply not allowed to leave her at school and return to my office on such a festive day (did I mention she’s 6?).
As I sit here typing, I’m surrounded with festivity: A twinkling Christmas tree, a small Christmas village, one slightly creepy Elf on the Shelf, and a couple dozen wrapped presents.
The wrapped gifts thing is a new one for me this early on. I usually wait until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts. But Nola was very eager to help with the wrapping this year. And frankly, I ran out of places to hide things.
So, Christmas is very much on my mind, and as it’s my last blog before that Jolly Old Elf comes to visit, I thought I’d share a couple of projects with you in case you’re not quite as ready for Christmas (or perhaps you’re even farther ahead and looking for an escape of your own).

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