We humans are obsessed with time. It’s a fickle creature. As children, it seems to pass with maddening slowness. As we age, time passes more and more rapidly until we wonder where it all went.
Perhaps that is why we are equally obsessed with time travel. If we could just control it…
And we do, kind of. We manipulate our days with Daylight Saving Time, for example, like we did just yesterday.
(Was it intentional or a remarkable coincidence that the movie version of A Wrinkle in Time released on Daylight Savings Time weekend? Hmmm…)
Time is my most precious resource. I would far rather spend money (which I thankfully have as an option) to save time. I hire a housecleaner for that purpose, for example.
Still, there never seems to be enough of it.
Hence, the aforementioned obsession.
And while I can’t offer you a real-world solution to our problem of time, I can certainly offer you some fictional escapes that involve time travel.