Story Podcast: You Forgive the Night’s Scream

Smith's Monthly Cover #6 final ebook web 284

USA Today bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith, returns once again to his most popular series, Poker boy.

This time, Poker Boy awakes to a blood-curdling scream that only he hears. Some of his team think the scream a sign he faces death.

But Poker boy plays professional poker. He faced worse over a no-limit poker game numbers of times.

A funny and touching story of redemption and cold feet.

“You Forgive the Night’s Scream” can be found in Smith’s Monthly, #6, available from your favorite bookseller.

Story Podcast: Death in Hathaway Tower

FR Fantastic Detectives ebook cover web 284

An evening of stories and lemon custard turns into a night of murder.

Within the tidy confines of Hathaway Tower, Lady Emily never expects to find a body on her best mammoth-skin rug, let alone a gorgeous elf hunting a killer. With a parlor full of guests and a goblinman on the loose, Lady Emily must solve the murder before mayhem strikes again or the custard curdles.

Author and artist Ryan M. Williams’ short fiction has been featured in anthologies from Pocket Books and in On Spec magazine. He most recently appeared in Fiction River in Moonscapes with a hard science fiction story.

“Death in Hathaway Tower” appears in Fiction River: Fantastic Detectives, available in electronic and paperback format from your favorite bookseller.




Story Podcast: Sky in the Ground

When Henry meets Sadie, she lures him into the woods to show him something amazing. But even a teenage boy’s vivid imagination can’t match the truth behind Sadie’s secret.

In this week’s podcast, Rob Vagle explores the edge between this world and the next in “Sky in the Ground.”

This story appears in Fiction River: Universe Between, which is available in electronic and paperback format from your favorite bookseller.


Story Podcast: A Pinch of How Rosie Lived

Smith's Monthly Cover #8 ebook3 web 284

USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith dives back into one of his favorite topics with this touching tale of being trapped and finding out how to escape.

Rosie lived to bake in her kitchen, even when her old body wouldn’t allow her to do so. But Dot wasn’t living for anything.

She learned that from Rosie.

A heartwarming story of the dreams in all of us.

The story is from Smith’s Monthly, #8, which is available in print and electronic editions.

Story Podcast: An Incursion of Mice

FR Fantastic Detectives ebook cover web 284

Detectives come in all shapes, sizes, genders…and species, as you’ll discover in this week’s story podcast, “An Incursion of Mice,” written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

The author notes that the story was inspired by her own clowder of housecats.

The story is from Fiction River:  Fantastic Detectives, which will be available on September 16 at your favorite retailer in print and electronic formats.

Podcast: Scrawny Pete

Scrawny Pete cover final web 284

For our welcome back podcast we bring you “Scrawny Pete.” The story is a reader favorite and includes an intriguing mystery and, of course, a cat.

Even a hard-bitten reporter needs help occasionally, and this time it’s the kind of help only a cat can provide.

The story is from Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s collection, Five Feline Fancies, which is available in print and electronic editions. The story itself is also available as a stand alone ebook.