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Seeders Universe
Science Fiction

Available in:
ebook, $7.99

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The Star Bundle

A Seeders Universe Trilogy

Dean Wesley Smith

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith’s Seeders Universe Series offers galaxy-spanning science fiction at its very best. This three-book bundle includes the Star Trilogy from that series: Star Mist, Star Rain, and Star Fall.

Adventurous and suspenseful, the Star Trilogy takes the Seeders Universe and expands it on a massive scale to explore the vast possibilities of space.

A dead alien ship appears close to human space. But in millions of years, no alien race managed to leave its own galaxy.

The alien ship originated in a galaxy over two hundred thousand years of travel away. But the Seeders need to know about the alien race, in case they are a threat.

What they discover—and the fight they find themselves waging—will span centuries and change everything the Chairmen thought they knew about their purpose in the universe.