I’m posting this blog early because of the impeding Apoceclipse, as we’re calling it here on the Central Oregon Coast.
No, we don’t think the world will end because of a total solar eclipse. (Although if you want to read an interesting article about eclipse superstitions, go to http://time.com/4886511/total-solar-eclipse-superstition-history/). But we are preparing for this eclipse as if it were a natural disaster.
Why? Because the small coastal town in which WMG calls home is directly in the path of complete totality for the Great American Eclipse. Our permanent resident population is about 8,700 people. And although we are a tourist town, which swells our population greatly during peak season (aka summer), the number of people estimated to descend on Lincoln City for the eclipse is in the tens of thousands. Traffic is expected to come to a complete halt, making travel by foot the only option.
We are preparing for power outages, water shortages, food shortages, gas shortages…you name it.
And we’re pretty well guaranteed to have no internet or phone service for a couple of days at least.